About Us

We are Warming Duty, dedicated to giving information, product reviews, and other tips on keeping your place warm during the cold months. While you cannot do anything to stop the seasons from changing, you can equip yourself with the right details to be prepared once the chilly air starts creeping in.

We’ve got everything covered. The site features articles with up-to-date information about the latest finds for heaters, fans, and other tools that may come in handy no matter what the season is. In addition, by browsing through the site, you will learn more about winterizing your places and how to fix and clean the messes, such as ashes and dust, once the winter season is over.

We invite you to browse the site, read the featured articles, and get yourself informed and updated about the latest in the industry. Be a part of our growing community. We encourage you to let us know what topics you would like us to tackle in the coming days. We also want to hear your voice. Feel free to leave comments in the articles or get in touch with us. We’d love to hear about your past experiences with the topics we have written about.

Our Mission

At Warming Duty, it is our mission to reach out to people with the latest trends when it comes to heating devices, fans, thermometers, and many more. We want to share our expertise about eco-friendly appliances and where you can find them.

Our Team

This website is managed and updated by experts, critics, and enthusiasts who have decided to collaborate and work as a team to give you nothing but the best and most informative pieces.


Our manager is a graduate of electrical engineering who practices the profession while sharing his insights to this site. He is responsible for testing the appliances, such as fireplaces and heaters.


We have a young mind acting as a webmaster, a recent graduate of computer programming. Still, his passion for designing and keeping the website running has started since he was a teenager.


We have a pool of writers we frequently meet up with to discuss what we want to feature on the site. We brief them about the experiments and on-hand testing we’ve done with the products to ensure that they will come up with articles that are not only well-written but, most importantly, sound genuine and authentic.