Quick Comparison Between an Infrared Heater and Electric Fireplace

The latter part of December up to the early weeks of January brings in a frigid temperature in places experiencing the winter season. This is why it is crucial to invest in a good heater and ensure it is properly placed and installed.

An electric heater and infrared heater are only among the many choices you have when it comes to heating devices. Both heaters function through electricity, and they make any space look more elegant and appealing.

Infrared Heater vs. Electric Fireplace

1. Heating capacity

An infrared heater takes a short time to heat the space or room where it is placed. This way, it consumes less electricity but provides sufficient heat that it directs to the specific directions of the room.

An electric fireplace works by heating the ambient air first until it reaches its highest temperature. As a result, it takes longer to make a room warm.

2. Cost efficiency

Here’s a look at the differences between the two devices when each of them is used for 5 hours per day for the 120-day duration of the winter season using 12.5p as the cost per kWh electric consumption:

  • Cost per day – $0.7 for an electric fireplace and $0.30 for an infrared heater
  • Running cost per hour – $0.15 for an electric fireplace and $0.06 for an infrared heater
  • Total kWh used – $1.2 for an electric fireplace and $0.5 for an infrared heater
  • Wattage – 1200 for an electric fireplace and 500 for an infrared heater

These numbers will give you an idea of how much electric consumption you can save from using an infrared heater than an electric fireplace.

3. Health concerns

Infrared heaters do not put you at risk of experiencing static electricity, and the heat coming from the unit will not dry your skin. The heat comes in the form of infrared radiation that does not interfere with how much humidity a room has or its levels of oxygen.

The heat coming from an electric fireplace needs to be distributed using fans. By removing the air in the room, the levels of oxygen and humidity go down.

Based on the list above, the obvious winner on which one is better is the infrared heater. However, an electric fireplace looks more elegant and aesthetically pleasing. On the other hand, the infrared heater is more compact and can be easily moved around.

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