Tips on How to Light a Pellet Stove

The introduction of the wood pellet stove in the market was brought upon by a worldwide oil crisis in 1973. Since oil is mainly used in making heaters work, the stove was invented to help reduce people’s reliance on oil.

Unfortunately, while the invention was done for a good purpose, people rarely used the item, not until the past 15 years when the use of pellet stoves has tremendously increased, especially in the US and Europe.

To date, pellet stoves have become among the most economical heating units worldwide. The rise of its popularity boom may be attributed to the continuous increase of the cost of fossil fuels. Moreover, the stove uses a renewable energy source, the wood pellets, making it safe for the environment.

It is crucial that you only use premium wood pellets and no other types of fuel sources when lighting a pellet stove. Your first try may be confusing, so a guide can help make it easier for you to light your pellet stove.

Lighting a pellet stove depends on which type of ignition system your stove has – manual or automatic.

Lighting a Self-Igniting or Automatic Pellet Stove

  1. Make sure that the stove is turned off and has a normal temperature.
  2. Find the bottom of the auger system and switch it on. Wait as the pellets automatically go into the burn pot. Turn the auger off once there are enough pellets in the burn pot.
  3. Light the igniter and switch the blower on.
  4. When you notice that the pellets are burning decently, replenish the burn pot with unburned and new pellets by turning the auger on.
  5. Turn the convection fan on and set the speed according to the temperature required in the space.

Lighting a Manual Pellet Stove

  1. Open the burner pot’s door and put about two handfuls of pellets.
  2. Add a solid or gel-type fire accelerant. Make sure that you use something intended and approved for use in a pellet stove.
  3. Use a wood match in lighting the pellets. Wait until they are already burning before gently closing the door.
  4. Wait until the pellets’ edges become red before turning the auger on.
  5. Turn the blower fan on to release air that will make the space warm.

Lighting a pellet stove is only difficult in the beginning. You will eventually get used to it as you perform the task often, especially during the cold months. Keep the pellet stove clean to prolong its life.

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