Choosing Between a Traditional Fan and Air Circulator

Many people often have a hard time choosing between an air circulator and a traditional fan. When buying these items, you always have to consider flexibility, performance, portability, and, most important of all, energy efficiency.

Comparing the Two Types of Fans

Air Movement

A regular fan blows air wherever it is faced, which causes a wind chill effect. It moves air from either in its front or back. On the other hand, an air circulator constantly moves the air in a room and not only to a specific area or portion of the space.

The good thing about air circulators is that it gives you the option of customizing air movement by deciding on the distance the air will reach. It can be at spaces where the air is typically trapped, like the hallway or stairs.


Both fans can be used inside your home, especially in spacious areas, including the rooms, living room, and bedroom. However, you can’t place the air circulator in small spaces like the bathroom because, unlike traditional fans, it can get rid of the stuffiness.

You can use traditional fans in outdoor areas, such as the backyard and patio, but an air circulator isn’t suited to open areas as it will find it hard to circulate air.

Areas in workplaces and industries that require constant airflow prefer using an air circulator to distribute the cold temperature coming from an air conditioner throughout the rooms and spaces.

Power consumption

This is where an air circulator lords over the other kind of fan. It only operates at 30 to 50 watts of electricity. Many tower and pedestal fans operate at 50 t0 60 watts, while the power rating of most ceiling fans is from 60 to 100 watts.

Which is Better?

Choose a traditional fan if you are looking for something you can use outdoors. However, if it is for indoor use, the runaway winner here is an air circulator. It is energy-efficient, distributes warm or cold air throughout the space where it is placed, and is portable. You can easily move it from one room to another.

Both fans carry out unique features. It won’t hurt to have both. Use an air circulator inside your home, and place a tower or pedestal fan in your patio or backyard. This way, you will have something to use anywhere in your house you are.

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